What is Nondual Counseling?

Nondual counseling is an approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes integration of mind, body, and spirit. It is not a band-aid or a quick-fix by any means. It’s deep. Metaphysical. It dismantles your concepts about, well… about Life, the Universe, and Everything, to borrow a phrase from author Douglas Adams. And as we dismantle our concepts — most of which are false and limiting — we find a new freedom. A new way of being.

Nondual counseling understands that there is no separation between the Self and the world, just as there is no separation between a tree and the earth that feeds it or the sunlight that powers it. As such, nondual counseling helps people experience a sense of oneness. With this comes greater peace. Clarity. Meaning. And the recognition of one’s true nature, which is unchanging, timeless, and universal.

One of the key realizations in nondual counseling is that the mind, body, and spirit are not separate entities. Rather, they are intimately connected. Emotions, thoughts, and sensations are not viewed as inherently good or bad, but simply as feedback from a holistic system. As we begin to understand and appreciate this, we begin to release limiting beliefs and behaviors. To dismantle concepts. To embrace our natural process of growth and transformation.

One goal of nondual counseling is the recognition of now, this very present, as the only reality. To spend less mental energy ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. To focus our attention on the here and now as the only thing that really is. What is happening happens now. Even our recollection of a past, and our thoughts of a future are happening now. All of these thoughts of the past and the future are nothing more than that: thought.

Self-inquiry and introspection are important to this process. External sources of authority are also important, but nondual counseling encourages us to look within ourselves for answers and guidance. This is not to say we are all free to define our own version of truth. On the contrary, in nonduality, there is only one Truth, with a capital T. It’s written on the heart, and it’s the same for everyone. Nonduality is not about finding your truth, but about finding what’s True. This process of Self-discovery helps us connect with the inner wisdom we all have access to, but which an overactive mind tends to block us from. The overactive mind is what searches for personal truth. The still mind allows for what’s True to be revealed.

Finally, nondual counseling recognizes that there are no easy answers or solutions to life’s challenges. The journey towards stillness is a lifelong process. By embracing the process, we develop greater resilience, flexibility, and compassion towards ourelves and others.

Non-dual counseling is for those who seek deeper meaning in life or are interested in exploring spiritual questions. If the idea of moving beyond the limitations of the mind (and even mindfulness) to recognize the infinite and eternal nature of your being sounds intriguing, please reach out. And if it doesn’t, well that’s fine too. Nondual counseling is kind of a niche thing, and not everyone’s cup of tea.

3 thoughts on “What is Nondual Counseling?

  1. I like the line about thoughts of the past or future still being part of the now, and only thought. And applaud you for taking on such lofty things, to present them here in writing. I think that’s tough to boil down big ideas like that, thanks for doing it. The personal truth vs the capital T one is a distinction I haven’t figured out yet; it reminds me of the struggle I’m having with AA on the role of the self vs the more universal one, or relinquishing oneself to that, put crudely. I’m stumbling over the notion that all these things are connected (inseparable) yet it feels like we’re separating personal truth vs capital T truth here. Do you follow what I’m trying to convey, Mr. Mcvey? My autocorrect just called you MacBeth. Phooie

    1. Good catch there, on t vs T. Talking about these things without stepping on a linguistic landmine can be tricky. It only really matters I think when one person’s truth causes conflict with another’s. I think that happens because the search for truth hasn’t gone deep enough. It’s stopped short at t, and not made it to T.

      1. That’s a beautiful clarification! Thank you Mike. Landmines indeed and all the more reason I respect you for going there. Thank you!

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