If you want real, lasting change

People come to counseling or therapy for a number of reasons. Anxiety and depression are two very common ones. Grief, chronic illness or pain, racing thoughts, sleep disturbance… each of these trouble many people as well. Sometimes our struggles are universal ones. Unhappy relationships, difficult life transitions, getting married or divorced, career burnout, loneliness… we’re all beset by challenges from time to time. Sometimes we work through them on our own, sometimes we have the support of family, friends, or faith, and sometimes we need the help of a professional. It all depends on who we are, how we’re built, what we’ve been through, and what strengths we bring to the table at any given time in our lives. There’s no one right way to go, the right way is what works for you. Nothing wrong with wanting to stand tall and proud on your own, and certainly no shame in seeking support.

My role is to support you in overcoming whatever obstacles are in your path. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are intertwined, and each plays a key role in leading us in, or blocking us from, the direction we want to go. Too often we are at the mercy of one or more of these. But none of these define us, nor ought they limit us. You might feel caught in a perfect storm, but at the center of that storm is a place of calm and clarity. The real you is compassionate, confident, and courageous, even when your thoughts or feelings tell you someting different, or when your behavior might say otherwise.

If you are interested, if you want to go deep, I can help you find the real you. The you that you once were, that you may or may not remember. Or the you you know you can be. It could be the most rewarding journey you ever undertake. I’d love nothing more than to see you achieve your fullest potential.

But if that’s not where you’re at, let’s focus on what’s most important to you, in your situation, right now. Whether it’s panic attacks, social anxiety, job stress, voices in your head, a narcissistic spouse, existential or spiritual crisis, or just feeling stuck in situation you can’t get out of. There’s a solution. I truly believe the answers are inside you. I can’t wait to help you find them.

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