Family Therapy

Our family defines us. Shapes and molds us. For better or worse, our family has by far the biggest influence on who we become. As parents, we owe it to our children to give them the best possible experience of family that we can. And that can be hard work. Very hard. But what is more worthwhile? Not much, I think.

I grew up in a broken home, many times over. My parents fought a lot, and divorced a lot. Four in total, between the two of them. Some were nastier than others, but each one was hard in its own way. The last thing a kid should have to do is close off their heart to keep it from being hurt, but that’s what we have to do sometimes. At some point down the road, if we’re lucky, we learn to reopen it. To let ourselves feel again. To trust again. To love again.

If there is dsyfunction in your family, I’d like to help. Living with strife and confict is no way to live. There’s enough of that outside the home. The home should be a safe haven for everyone, a place of love and support. Family therapy can help restore balance and harmony to your life, home, and heart.

In the nurturing family…parents see themselves as empowering leaders, not as authoritative bosses. They see their job primarily as one of teaching their children how to be truly human in all situations. They readily acknowledge to the child their poor judgment as well as their good judgment; their hurt, anger, or disappointment as well as their joy. The behavior of these parents matches what they say.

Virginia Satir

2 thoughts on “Family Therapy

  1. Great message and offer. We’re actively engaged in family therapy now, even going to a 3-day kind of “event” tomorrow to address and work through some stuff together. So important as you say Mike. Glad you’re doing this kind of work and thank you…

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